Thursday, 26 May 2016

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Ep 8 Impressions

The episode starts with Suburu waking up from bed.
Before he wakes up he see the dark hand about to grasp him.
Not sure if this was a dream or side effects after having rewind time so much.
Every character seems to see something is off with Subaru.
It frustrates Subaru as well as the audience.
Similar to Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, Suburu is also seeming to have his own emotional breakdown.
He doesn't seem sane anymore and the others characters notice it.
This is the first episode where I found Suburu annoying, and I think that was intentional.
He reminded me of a lot of people I know who just talk and talk, with little substance, trying to hide how they are really feeling.
It just comes off as being fake and desperate.
To be perceived as being genuine is something even good liars take years to accomplish.
Speaking of which, time is the constant motif in this anime.
Suburu goal for today was to gain the trust of all the members of the household.
However trust takes time, from their perspective they barely know him and are wary of him.
The whole day seemed to keep getting worse and worse because of Suburu's attitude.
It reminds me from the line from Keanue Reeves in the football movie called The Replacements:
"One thing goes wrong, then another, and another. You try to fight back, but the harder you fight, the deeper you sink. Until you can't move, you can't breather, because you're in over your head. Like quicksand."
This is literally what is happening to Subuaru the harder he works the more suspicious people are getting.
Why is he trying so hard? What is he hiding?

I found Puck's explanation of magicians vs spirit users and the explanation of mana to be very well explained.
It was easy to understand and follow.
The fact that Suburu has an affinity towards shadow is symbolic.
He's a character who appears to always be happy on the outside, but in reality there is a shadow of a cloud from above.
We also get confirmation about a possible connection between Emilia and the Satella Jealous Witch
This show reminds me of SNAFU where the characters speak so fast you sometimes miss key points.
Suburu asked why someone (Emilia) would use the name Satella, Beatrice says because they have no fear of death and be considered insane.
Subaru believes that Emilia wants people to perceive her as being insane so she wouldn't have to be part of the royal selection.
So is Subaru right, does she not want to be the next to take the throne? If so why does she not say that, is someone forcing her?
Lastly we find out that a curse must be made via physical contact and that once cast on the person it can't be undone. Suburu connects the dots and hypothesizes that someone at the village must have touched Subaru or Rem depending on the timeline.
The on thing I will say is that in every other timeline it was just Rem and Subaru or Rem by herself. How does it alter when 3 people go to the village? Why did Ram want to come along as well? And who benefits from killing either Subaru or Rem and why?

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