Thursday, 26 May 2016

Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? Episode 8 Impressions

This episode is a good representation of what this anime is.
It's light, breezy, and safe.
This is illustrated by how the hack on Rusian plays out.
Ako immediately figures out that the hacker who was using Rusian's account was not the real Rusian.
A darker and more dramatic narrative would be for Ako to believe the hacker and be emotionally destroyed.
This would change everything and perhaps would be a wake up call for Ako.
One could say this would have been the better choice.
But enough episodes have gone by for the audience to have a feel for the show.
It's a comedy romance show not a drama.
And some of the best rom coms in the world are safe, light and breezy.
Personally I think the audience would be upset if anything really dark happens.

To be honest I'm not sure how Ako immediately figured out it was not Rusian.
While we the audience sees dynamic sprites with changing facial expressions and tone in their voice; Ako would have seen a static 2d character communicating by text chat.
In reality I would think it would take Ako a lot longer to figure it out.
Ironically Rusian's character trait of being frustratingly slow with his love for Ako was the thing that saved Ako from a potentially dangerous situation.
I think Rusian is not only slow for his love for Ako but is frustratingly slow in general.
For example it bothered me when Rusian basically told Ako that they are divorced because his account was suspended.
I mean how you can you say that to a girl you know has trouble differentiating the game with real life.

I felt that this episode did a good job showing real world concepts like ip addresses, RTM, and dummy sites for hacking.
Like hypothesized in my episode 7 impressions, the hacker used an identical looking dummy site to steal Rusian's user name and password.
I think big websites and mmos use https (secure) pages instead of regular http pages. So if Rusian looked at the url maybe he would have figured it out.
I know that's what I usually check to make sure a site is safe
Apparently the admins were having a hard time finding the hacker because he keeps changing ip addresses.
Rusian eventually catches the thief by hacking the hacker.
Apparently Rusian magically has some super hacking, html, css powers and was able to recreate the hackers entire site and put it on the hacker's computer for the hacker to mistakenly enter his user name and password.
The other part of the plan was to create his own original nefarious website of a fake hacker.
However all of those items shown on the fake blog weren't really stolen but probably given by the members of a friendly guild and the teacher's online mmo friends who worship her as some sort of cat god.
The real time money transaction is what really got the hacker in trouble.
Rusin sent a request for a real money trade, and the hacker responded thinking it was legit (pun intended).
Rusian gave the hacker's ip address that accesses his hacker blog to the admin and found that that ip address links to a character called Ronten who was seen earlier trying to sell Rusian's stuff.
Then the hacker used another account and a different ip address and tried to make a trade online.
Even though the transaction didn't happen, the admin was able to charge the user for a RTM because of the tipped information.
Therefore the RTM trade request was now linked to the new online trade request showing intent.
This is enough for the admins to charge the hacker for what he has done.
What I don't' think makes sense is the anonymous (Rusian's) tip for the ip address.
Just because a tip says it's the ip address of the hacker blog doesn't mean that it is.
It's not real evidence/proof.
Therefore I believe this is really only half the battle.
I believe the admins must convince the police that there is enough evidence to get a warrant to actually backtrace the blog.
I didn't get how Rusian revealed himself to the hacker. In the show he lifts up his hair. So i just imagined the hacker seeing a 2d sprite lift up his hair and him saying "Oh my god!", it's ridiculous. Therefore I think Rusian must have sent an image of his face to the hacker.
I loved how when the characters were swearing in the game it just came out as "oinks". Because I think in some mmo's there is a dictionary of words you can't say that just comes out ***** (asterisks). Lastly I found it ironic that Ako had wanted Rusian to come to her room in the game and have a "couples chat" when that is exactly what happens during the aftermath of the hack. Rusian and Ako are alone together in Ako's room and talk about their relationship. I think the online game room was made to look identical to the real life room because it had the same jellyfish wallpaper. Therefore the scene was symbolic in its own right.

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