Thursday, 19 May 2016

Netoge Ep 7 impressions

An enjoyable episode with an intriguing cliff hanger.
I believe whenever the characters say "that's what a normal student would do" etc the anime means that's what a standard romance or harem trope would be.
I like how the anime is self aware of what usually happens in a standard beach episode and pokes fun at it.

In regards to Ako still thinking she's married in real life I secretly ask myself what is wrong with that?
She fell in love with the mc as person, not a character sprite.
The love is now reciprocal so why not just go with it?
Perhaps Ako is right and the others are wrong about this.
Yes ako should be able to differentiate the real world and game, but perhaps changing her perspective of her marriage with Russian is the wrong approach.
If I were Rusian I'd be happy, and if their relationship ever gets "downgraded" to a normal bf/gf relationship I think he'll miss it.

It was funny how the whole event was basically just a cash grab for people to buy things at the hotel. The teacher says perhaps this is getting too real, I think this is foreshadowing the ending of the episode. My guess is that someone hacked into Russians account. Russian had trouble entering his password right? I think someone put a dummy site on the computer that looks exactly like the login for the game. The hacker stole Russian's user and password. Besides the obvious possible identity theft, the danger in regards to the anime is that Ako believes the hacker is Rusian, she may get emotionally taken advantage of or get her feelings hurt. What I really hope doesn't happen is if the hacker tells her to go somewhere in real life and she gets taken advantage of physically.

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