Thursday, 26 May 2016

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk S2 Ep 8 Impressions

The episode starts at the start of the final battle of the festa between Ayato and Julis and the 2 puppets.
In the beginning I kept thinking I wanted them to start fighting already, too much talking.
The fight, like all fights in this series looks amazing.
What I like most is the use of strategy during battles.
Ayato and Julis attacked RM-C to force AR-D to use his shields on her leaving him vulnerable.
AR-D also used his shields to block paths and thereby trapping Ayato and Julis.
I do wonder when the 2 were trapped on 3 sides by shields, why didn't they just jump out of there instead of trying to block?
Also I thought it was a little early for the 2 puppets to combine but I guess they didn't want to take any chances.
In this episode when the puppets combined RM-C's armour came off leaving her defenceless.
I don't remember this happening during the semi finals so I was a bit confused by that.
I thought she combined completely with AR-D.
Oddly I was more interested with Saya's and Kirin's confrontation with the assassin.
I just think the concept of an assassin with control over the shadows to be very cool.
If you think about it assassins and thieves work in shadows so it makes a lot of sense.
That one scene where he used Kirin's and Flora's own shadow to pop out and attack them was amazing.
And Kirin's final attack was very reminiscent of Rouani Kenshin's sword drawing style.
I don't know if it was intentional but I loved this allusion.
I just love the sounds Ayato's Ser Vesta makes, it gives me goosebumps.
I would think now that he has it the battle will be more in his favour, now that his power is unlocked he just seems so overpowered.
But I'm sure Ernesta must have thought about this and has taken precautions.
I like how AR-D already has data about Ayato's sword style from Ayato's fight with those puppets way back in season 1.
Lastly I never noticed but Ayato's perception on the battle field seems very similar to the puppets data predictions on their opponents next moves.
This, along with the puppets personalities really seems to close the gap between humans and puppets perhaps fulfilling Ernesta's wish for her puppets to be accepted and be more human.

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