Thursday, 26 May 2016

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri Episode 6 Impressions

The show keeps getting better with every episode.
The frustrations of the lack of communication between characters in the early episodes continues to diminish as the characters begin to trust one another.
I never blamed Mumei for acting the way she did with other characters because she was probably raised differently.
With each episode Mumei seems to become more human which is ironic considering she could turn into a Kabane.
I hope we soon discover who Mumei's master is.
Was Mumei's group some sort of black ops special unit against the kabane, which is why no one has heard of the Kabanari?
I thought Mumei was bitten by a Kabane and became a Kabanari, but in the episode she said she was never bitten.
Therefore I wonder if experiments were done to her, given some injections in order to artificially become half Kabane.
Are there differences between people who get bitten and people who artificially become a kabanari?
Would people who got bitten be stronger because they have a more direct strain?
What I am loving the most is the action.
The action is always the best when they are fighting on top of the train.
The speed of the train, the fast moving background, always makes the action feel more fast paced.
Also the animation is so smooth in conjunction with the continues change in camera angle. It's jaw dropping.
In one scene one of the trams of the train fell down a cliff.
What was in that tram? People? Supplies?
At the end of the series will only the head of the train be left?
Lastly I guess Ikoma killed all of the Kabane otherwise Mumei would have found them feasting on his body.
Ikoma said they bit into his stomach or something.
I do hope to have one scene where he's inner organs like intestines are falling out of his body like in the walking dead and him continue to fight.
That would be graphic, maybe too graphic, but I think it would be pretty awesome.

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