Monday, 10 August 2015

Grisaia no Kajitsu Impressions

Three episodes into Grisaia and I still have no idea what is going on. So far what has happened is that a male transfer student has arrived at an all girls school where there are only a handful of students and a principal. For some odd reason the teachers are never shown yet we know the classroom is a place of learning because of the textbooks that are brought to class. Is there a teacher, is it self study, does it even matter? Besides the feeling of bewilderment Grisaia has left me with questions upon questions. Each of the girls in the school each have fulfilled the typical anime tropes, the lolli, the pervert, miss twin tails, maid. Obviously things or not what they seem. Episode 1 foreshadowed that the one called Amane, the horny one, is not what she seems, it is implied that she suffered through a major traffic accident. By episode three a concept that arises is that no one at that school is normal. Therefore I am expecting this anime to be a deconstruction of character tropes. The protagonist is cold and as stated by other character sounds “pompous and arrogant”. He is an orphan who was taken in and I assume he is some sort of hitman.
The real question I have is if this series is worth continuing? I have heard that this adaptation is horrible but I have also heard that the next season is great. I have never played a visual novel before but many of the scenes do feel like one, from the ubiquitous panty shots, anime trope characters. At the moment nothing is very interesting yet the tone of the show does feel eerie as if the very world itself is a fabrication. This brings the concept which I find the most interesting and what I believe resonates with many people. There is a line by the protagonist where he states that he doesn't feel like he is actually a student, but instead playing the part of a student. Constantly I ask myself, if this is the real me, am I just acting this way for the sake of others? Perhaps it is the most socially awkward and distant among us who can relate most with this anime.

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